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From Prototype to Series Production And Beyond

Our streamlined approach to metal fabrication includes custom services, ensuring every requirement is met efficiently. Whether it's producing prototypes, managing production, optimizing processes, or ensuring quality. We are certified professionals.


Production of a prototype

The process initiates with the production of a prototype tailored to the client's specifications.


Pilot production

Pilot production involves small-scale tests to evaluate feasibility and refine processes prior to full-scale implementation.


Series/Mass Production

After successful pilot testing, the process transitions to large-scale manufacturing of standardized products.


Repairs and Adaptations

During this stage, we provide customized solutions to improve performance and longevity.

We’re adept at capacity planning and foresight, prepared for contingencies, and proactively mitigate constraints. With precise engineering, unmatched quality standard, and a willingness to handle tough tasks, we stand out in our field.

We are ISO Certified

We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2016 certified, which validates our exceptional management practices and our focus on meeting our clients’ needs, time and time again.

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